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viral infectivity

hypocalcemia and immunity

Here is a combination of studies relating to low calcium levels adversely effecting immunity and/or the importance of calcium ions in immune function.

viral infections

Here is a study about the mechanism of action of viral infections.  More specifically how the viruses have to disrupt the calcium ion gradient at the cell membrane in order to infect.  Note:  lowering intercellular calcium levels or raising cytosol calcium levels causes the imbalance that the virus needs to infect.

example of sun (vit. D) weakening viral immunity

Clinically I have seen this with shingles in addition to the viruses mentioned here.


essential fatty acids

regulation of intracellular calcium

A study of the molecular mechanisms involve in calcium ion transport driven by
arachidonic acid.

arachidonic acid driven calcium ion transport

A sudy of arachidonic acid activation of a unique, highly calcium­ selective conductance now known as the ARC channel

calcium metabolism

Short and to the point.  Essential fatty acids are called essential for a reason.  Vitamin D and the EFA's TOGETHER get the job done.

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