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Important Messages

Hello everyone,

We, as well as many other medical providers, are waiting for the antibody test to become available.  I'll write more on why this test is so incredibly important later.  As soon as it is available, we will let you know.  Also, just reminding you that we are offering a free zinc test at our office.  I'm sure you have been made aware of the importance of zinc for a strong immune response.  Give us a call if you are interested in having your zinc status tested, it only takes a minute.

Here are tips for supporting the immune system so it can best protect you from viruses.

My goal is to keep this as short, to the point, practical, and as clear as I can.


Over the last month, as we've been doing our part as medical providers in our community, I've been a bit too focused on being a doctor to add much to this website.   Also, I felt that the information listed below was complete enough. 

First of all, It has become apparent to me how healthy and resilient our community is to this virus.  We are fairing much better than most of the world.  Stay healthy, stay well. 

Second, I've realized that I should remind everyone that sugar can significantly suppress the immune system.  For 20 years I've observed this effect over and over in illness.  So, I've added a couple of short videos on this below. 

Again, awesome job staying well Chaffee County, keep your immune systems up!

It seems Dr. Candice Boyer, D.O has been observing the same thing I have.  She put this message out just in time:

Notice that this video mentions how sugar decreases calcium and vitamin D levels:

This video is more specific to bacterial infections, but the initial steps of the immune response are the same. The initial neutrophil response to the chemokines is very important.  Overall, this rapid and strong reponse of the immune system is the key to not ending up in the hospital.  Hyperglycemia slows down and inhibits the initial immune response:

03/29/2020    REGARDING FEVER

Since so may people will be facing a fever, I think some information will be helpful.  Dr. Berry made this video about fevers on the 26th that I think you should see.

I do recommend checking  the temperature hourly once if it gets above 102 degrees.  As always, do check with your primary care provider for more specifics that may be relevant to you.


I noticed that many people are taking vitamin C right now.  Most of the time they are taking high levels of ascorbic acid.  I suggest taking vitamin C in a form that better supports collagen formation and capillary strength.  I'm talking about maximizing the strength of the lungs.  The lungs are made up of lots of connective tissue and lots of capillaries for breathing.  I have observed that vitamin C from raw food sources has consistently outperformed straight ascorbic acid at strengthening collagen in the body.  Foods like raw citrus, raw berries, or raw peppers.  I suggest making a list of vitamin C rich foods you like and eat something off your list (raw) every day.  I'll again refer you to the NIH website for more information.

My experience has been that acetic acid works better than ascorbic acid for colds and flus.  Apple cider vinegar is a great source of acetic acid.  You can dilute a tablespoon or two of the vinegar in a glass of water.


Let's get into calcium transport. Plain and simple, eat calcium rich food (supplement if you need to) and get enough vitamin D (but not too much) to get that calcium from the gut into the blood. Now get plenty of the essential fatty acids to get that calcium dispersed out to the cells where it's needed.  Calcium ions don't do you any good if they are stuck in the blood.  As you can see below Vitamin D makes the blood a calcium magnet.  That's fine for absorption but it's up to the fatty acids in our diet (particularly arachidonic acid) to get that calcium out of the blood and (in the case of COVID-19) to the mucosal tissues, lungs, and immune system.  Best food sources of these fatty acids that are also potent enough to reliably have the effect we're looking for are butter and/or flax seed oil.  So, there you go, milk fat (like butter, sour cream, cheese) rich in fatty acids gets those calcium ions to the cells where they are needed.  If you use flax seed oil it will take a couple days to kick in strong because your liver has to convert that linoleic acid to arachidonic acid.  2 or 3 teaspoons a day of the flax oil should do.  If you choose to fresh grind your own flax seed you should use 2 tablespoons of seeds per day to get enough oil.  Keep in mind flax seed oil is very delicate so keep it in the fridge.

I added more files to read at the bottom about the essential fatty acids and calcium transport.

Next to cover in the next couple days is vitamin C.  I'll try to get that done before the weekend.  Stay strong

03/23/2020    MORE ON VIT. D AND CALCIUM

I want to provide a different perspective from what I wrote below.

Don't be low on vitamin D.

You need this vitamin in order to absorb the calcium from your food and supplements.  There are many studies that I am aware of reporting the health benefits of vitamin D.  Included are reduced rates of cancer and increased viral immunity.  These effects are more directly related to the increased calcium in the body than the D itself.  1,000 IU's per day does a surprisingly good job of calcium absorption.  Click the second Read More button below for more dosage information. 

Don't overdose (mega dose) Calcium

There is an upper limit to calcium intake.  It's around 2,500 mg per day. The most common side effect I see with taking too much calcium is constipation.  Not fun.  If this happens, take less calcium and focus more on magnesium and the essential fatty acids.  Click on the first Read More button below for much more dosage information

03/22/2020    HOW CONTAGIOUS?

SARS-CoV-2, better known as COVID-19, survives on surfaces for 72 hours.  So social distancing, washing hands, and washing surfaces that people have touched is necessary for preventing the spread of this disease.  But, that's not enough.  It also survives in the air for 3 hours.  Which means that someone who is infected can spread this to other people without even touching them.  This is why it is spreading so quickly everywhere.  This is also why we are avoiding large crowds where just one person in the room can spread it to everyone else.  Check out the study that just came out in the New England Journal of Medicine March 17th.

03/21/2020     CALCIUM IONS

Don't be low on calcium. 

The RDA is around 1,000mg per day.  To calculate this, add your dietary intake together with your calcium supplements.  For instance, if you eat 800mg of calcium per day on average you would need to add at least 200mg as a calcium supplement.  Our cells just can't maintain proper calcium ion balance if there isn't enough calcium to start with.  If dietary intake is low the body has to maintain serum calcium levels with higher parathyroid levels and drawing calcium out of the bones.  Keep your bones, get more calcium.   Click first Read More button below for more information on RDA of calcium.

Don't overdose (mega dose) vitamin D. 

Don't get a sunburn either (another way to overdose, yes I've seen it).  You want enough vitamin D to absorb calcium effectively from your food and supplements, but, too much causes calcium ion levels in the tissues of the body to drop.  Even higher levels of D will cause hypercalcemia of the blood and serious side effects.  Veterinarians that have had to treat pets that have gotten into vitamin D supplements know what I'm talking about. 

Google vitamin D3 and rat poison.  It's one of the best rodent killers.  Click the second Read More button below for RDA of vitamin D.

I've included some downloadable files on viral immunity and mortality as it relates to low calcium levels in the next section below.  Notice that the mechanism of viral infection involves disturbing the critical calcium ion balance in the cell.  Your cells can only maintain the critically important calcium ion gradients across its membranes if you give them enough calcium ions.  Why make it easy for the virus to infect your cells passing quickly from cell to cell?  Also notice that the virus must pass through two cell membranes (plasma membrane and endoplasmic reticulum membrane) before replication starts.

I'll keep adding more information every few days.  Keep checking back.

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viral infectivity

hypocalcemia and immunity

Here is a combination of studies relating to low calcium levels adversely effecting immunity and/or the importance of calcium ions in immune function.

viral infections

Here is a study about the mechanism of action of viral infections.  More specifically how the viruses have to disrupt the calcium ion gradient at the cell membrane in order to infect.  Note:  lowering intercellular calcium levels or raising cytosol calcium levels causes the imbalance that the virus needs to infect.

example of sun (vit. D) weakening viral immunity

Clinically I have seen this with shingles in addition to the viruses mentioned here.

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essential fatty acids

regulation of intracellular calcium

A study of the molecular mechanisms involve in calcium ion transport driven by
arachidonic acid.

arachidonic acid driven calcium ion transport

A sudy of arachidonic acid activation of a unique, highly calcium­ selective conductance now known as the ARC channel

calcium metabolism

Short and to the point.  Essential fatty acids are called essential for a reason.  Vitamin D and the EFA's TOGETHER get the job done.

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